Three Senchas from Nio

I recently ordered a Sencha sampler pack from Nio Tea, which came with 12 sample size packs of different senchas. Today is as good a day as any to break some of them open. I think the plan is to go through these three at a time so I can get my thoughts out there … Continue reading Three Senchas from Nio

Wakocha – Tasting Two Japanese Black Teas

The dive into Japan continues, this time with a lesser known style of tea. Today I am drinking two kinds of Wakocha, which is Japanese black tea. I have posted previously about a smoked Japanese black tea, but these two teas are unsmoked. The teas are Sakura Midori and Benifuki Black, both from UNYtea. While … Continue reading Wakocha – Tasting Two Japanese Black Teas