Gyokuro Brewed In the Mei Leaf Method

I recall watching a YouTube video of Mei Leaf brewing Gyokuro in a unique way. I recently saw where two of my IG tea friends (@Nuev_Order and @Madhatterteadrunk) tried Gyokuro using this method and they both inspired me to try it as well. With my recent Mei Leaf order, I added a sample of their … Continue reading Gyokuro Brewed In the Mei Leaf Method

Tasting Three Kinds of Gyokuro

I recently had my first experience with Gyokuro. So naturally, the next step is to do a comparison tasting. I have three different Gyokuros on hand, so I decided to try all three in a horizontal tasting session. Those teas are: Gyokuro Hoshino from Path of Cha, Gyokuro ChaMusume from Nio Teas, and Gyokuro from … Continue reading Tasting Three Kinds of Gyokuro

Wakocha – Tasting Two Japanese Black Teas

The dive into Japan continues, this time with a lesser known style of tea. Today I am drinking two kinds of Wakocha, which is Japanese black tea. I have posted previously about a smoked Japanese black tea, but these two teas are unsmoked. The teas are Sakura Midori and Benifuki Black, both from UNYtea. While … Continue reading Wakocha – Tasting Two Japanese Black Teas