How To Prepare Matcha

I wrote a post on matcha a while back, but I have since changed my methods on how I prepare matcha and wanted to share the current way of doing it with you.

I want to say that this is just how I make it, and I do not claim to know the correct or best way to make it. There are many ways to make matcha and this is the method I prefer to use. Please search for other methods to try and see which one works best for you.

To get a good matcha, you must first have a high quality matcha powder. Stay away from grocery store brands or the sticks with matcha in them. You will also need a bowl, a scoop or a teaspoon, a sifter, and a whisk. It’s a small investment but well worth it to have high quality matcha any time you desire.

First step I do is pre-heat the bowl. The hot water from the sink faucet will work for this but you can certainly use hot water from the kettle.

Once I pour out the warm water, the next step is to sift the matcha. To do this, get two scoops of a matcha scoop (chasaku) or one teaspoon of matcha powder and put it in the sifter. I use the scoop to push the powder through the sifter. Don’t skip this step! This step is done to prevent the matcha from clumping and believe me you don’t want a matcha clump to hit your tongue!

Once it is sifted, I will take some filtered water (not tap water) at 175 degrees Fahrenheit or 80 Celsius and pour just a little bit into the bowl and whisk gently. It should look dark and smooth at this point.

Next – whisk vigorously for 20 seconds. I use a bamboo whisk but you can use any whisk for this part. The bamboo works really well though and can be purchased for under $20. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look great your first try. No one gets great foam the first time. Just keep trying!

And now the best part – drink it!

A good matcha will be slightly vegetal and grassy but also very smooth and thick and should have an almost buttery mouthfeel to it and even be slightly sweet. If it’s bitter and gross then you may have bad matcha. Don’t give up hope if you have a bad one, as there is a whole lot of bad matcha out there.

A good matcha will be priced somewhere around $20 for 30 grams. Happy Whisking!

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