2007 Bai Mudan from UNYTea

I recently purchased an aged white tea from UNYTea.store. This is a Bai Mudan from 2007 and I was pretty excited to get into it. I ordered this along with the Benifuki White because I like to try different but similar teas whenever I can.

I followed the brewing instructions listed on the packet, which was 4.5 grams at a full boil. First infusion was 10 seconds and each additional infusion was another 10 seconds. I use filtered water that has been in a mason jar in the fridge with a stick of bamboo charcoal for 24 hours. I know that sounds persnickety, but trust me, it is worth it. I did a post on water here and it makes a huge difference #teambamboocharcoal.

I have to admit, it is difficult for me to describe the flavors of white tea every time I drink it. I think this is because it is unlike anything else I have ever tasted. I can’t pin it to a memory of any other food or drink, except for other white teas. That being said, let’s get to my thoughts.

The flavors of this tea reminded me of other white teas, the Benifuki white, Bai Mudan that isn’t aged, and the aged white Jade Star. When drinking them each individually, they all seem to taste pretty similar. This calls for a horizontal tasting of all the white teas at once – a future blog post I hope.

Those flavors are sweet dry grass, melon, vanilla, slight floral and what I believe to be nuttiness. Side note – I am allergic to tree nuts and I know chestnuts is usually a note picked up in white teas, but I can’t say I know what a chestnut tastes like.

The taste didn’t change much at all throughout the infusions, which is similar to the other white teas I have had. At one point, I wrote in my tasting notes: thick, slightly grassy, slightly fruity, slightly sweet, slightly nutty, slightly vanilla syrup. That’s a lot of words to put on a package but that’s the best way I can describe the taste.

I find this tea to be delicious, comforting, warming and it gave me a very relaxed feeling at about infusion number 5, which is a known hallmark of aged white teas. This tea doesn’t disappoint and is really a very good tea.

The price on this tea is $11.00 for 30 grams. At 4 grams per session, that is 7 sessions per pack. That is $1.57 per session. I went for 6 infusions here but this tea had more to give and could go for many more, but let’s use 6 for the calculation. 6 infusions per session comes out to $.26 per cup ($.16 at 10 infusions). That is a really good price for an aged white tea, especially this one. I recommend trying it out.

This is a good aged white tea, with potent tea high or tea drunkenness effects, at a good price. Cheers.

You can order this tea here.

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