Yunnan Golden Tips

Dry Leaf

I ordered a sample of Yunnan Golden Tips from Harney and Sons and here are my thoughts. I am still amazed at how the bud of a black tea doesn’t turn black at all, but gold when it is oxidized. This tea is classified as a Dianhong which in the words of the Mei Leaf website: Dianhong is a type of black tea made predominantly with the buds of the Assamica tea varieties in Yunnan province. They produce, light, malty and smooth black teas with warm and sweet aromas. Sounds pretty good, right? I had to try it.

I brewed 4 grams at 200 F for 10 seconds, adding 5 seconds to each additional infusion. I went for a total of seven infusions.

I tasted notes of caramel and wood at first, with a slight astringency and a cooling finish. I think it was a very nice and pleasant taste. The third infusion had a bit of a strong bitter note, but it was fleeting, it only lasted for a brief moment and it was gone. On the 5th infusion I picked up a note of maple, which was really nice. After that there was no more bitterness at all and I honestly could have kept going after 7 infusions, it was really good.

Overall a very good black tea with some sweet notes and cool minty aftertaste with very little bitterness. It’s definitely worth trying out to see if you like black tea from Yunnan Province.

This tea currently sells for $10 for 2 oz. (56 g). You can get 8 infusions easily out of a session. That is 14 sessions per tin. That’s $.71 per session. 8 cups per session and you are looking at $.09 per cup. Don’t be scared off by the initial price you may see of $70 for a 1 lb bag. A pound is a whole lot of tea! Do the math, or let me do it for you and you will see that tea, even high quality tea, is actually very cheap if you get the most out of it. Definitely worth it! Cheers!

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