What is shincha? defines it as: Shincha, literally "new tea" is the first harvest (first flush) of a Japanese green tea. It is basically the same as Ichibancha, "first tea" and is distinguished by its fresh flavor and sweetness. The term "Ichibancha" will emphasize the difference to Nibancha (second tea) and Sanbancha (third tea). … Continue reading Shincha

Comparing Two Silver Needle Teas: Fujian and Ceylon

A few months ago I made an order for tea samples directly from a farmer in China. He sent me samples of almost every kind of tea that is grown in Zhenghe County Fujian Province including Silver Needle or Bai Hao Yin Zhen. I recently made an order with Harney and Sons and when I … Continue reading Comparing Two Silver Needle Teas: Fujian and Ceylon

Tasting Three Kinds of Gyokuro

I recently had my first experience with Gyokuro. So naturally, the next step is to do a comparison tasting. I have three different Gyokuros on hand, so I decided to try all three in a horizontal tasting session. Those teas are: Gyokuro Hoshino from Path of Cha, Gyokuro ChaMusume from Nio Teas, and Gyokuro from … Continue reading Tasting Three Kinds of Gyokuro